Borehole Drilling Services

Trusted Partner: Borehole Masters

Borehole Masters is one of the leading borehole service providers in Kenya. They have drilled well over 200 boreholes across the country.

They provide a world-class borehole drilling service to the industrial, commercial and domestic markets by utilizing the latest borehole drilling technology and machinery.

Borehole Drilling & Installation

Costs will vary on many factors. The main cost of drilling a borehole is largely dependent upon the depth and amount of casing that the borehole will require. The ground conditions and the type of rock to drill will also be a factor. One should expect to use a budget of Ksh 1.2 - 2M which will become clear after a survey is conducted.

*Serious requests only*

Surveys / Products / Maintainace

Do you need?

- Submersible electric pumps, solar pumps and hand pumps

- Hydro-Geological surveys and Environmental Impact Assessments

- Installation of water pumps

- Installation of water tanks and stands

- Reaming and installation of steel casings

- Pressure pumps

- Borehole Rehabilitation and Maintainance

- Manhole covers

- Water supply and Irrigation system works

- Installation of PVC casings

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